Like a security check at an airport, you can look at this page as an X-ray of our inner works. Find out more about who we are, what we do and why we do it.

The Man In The Cockpit

From my teenage years, I’ve had a passion for IT and some creative flare. It was not unusual to find me screwdriver in hand, working on the entrails of a PC. I also grew up surrounded by the art and design world, having a brother gone down that path. Although I ended up following a different route within the sciences area, the taste for IT and design was always there in the background. I also live surrounded by a family of trades people and being a keen DIY’er I have an understanding of the Trades world.

With recent events in my life I was able to bring these passions together. Around two years ago, while working on a different personal project I had to get involved in web design. There was a learning curve, but being someone not to shy away from challenges, I took it head on. My know how and creative side has been developing since, which is why I decided to make my talents available and start designing websites for others. And so Airborne was born!

Why WordPress

All the websites we create are built using the WordPress platform. Why? For starters it is the most popular platform to build websites around the world. It is used by 41.4% of the top 10 million websites as of May 2021. It has a simple structure, where you can add blocks of content (a bit like building Lego) and there are literally thousands of different types of blocks. This allows to create websites with many different features, from simple brochure websites to the more complex e-commerce ones, with thousands of products.

Building a website in WordPress will save you money when compared to building a website from scratch, as its pre-built blocks save many hours of coding. Think of the car industry, where different cars share the same platform and components. It’s the same principle!

Let’s Work Together

Get in touch with us so you can find out more about our plans. And if our plans don’t quite suit you, we can look at a customised option.


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